Weekend Away With My Athletes! Part 1



Sometimes it’s the athlete coaching the coach.

PART 1: 

Hey everyone! Kaitlyn here:)

Currently en route to Boston after a gals golf training trip to Orlando and I’m absolutely exploding with so many emotions. This past weekend two young ladies whom I train got together in Florida for a golf trip! Word on the street is that we all had a great time! We worked out, warmed up, golfed, cooked together, ate ice-cream (lol), and laughed till our stomachs hurt…but the coolest part about this weekend is we shared a lot and because of that in my opinion, we took our “team” to a whole new levelJ. Absolutely priceless!

How did this happen?


  1. One heck of a supportive family.
    1. If it weren’t for their families support I wouldn’t have been able to hang out with the girls weekend and be a part of such an amazing experience…So thank you mom and dad’s for believing in the importance of team, working hard, having fun, and building relationships!
  2. I care.
    1. From Coaches Perspective: I want to know how they tick. I want to know what their fears are, their miss hits, if they feel silly warming up, what makes them laugh, what motivates them, how they recover from failure, what discourages them,
    2. From Friend/Role model perspective: I want to help them avoid mistakes I’ve made, make great choices with friends on the weekends, be a social media role model, encourage independence, and know that if they lift strong they will be happier and confident human beings:)


In my opinion, the more a coach knows what makes their athletes tick, and shares a special role model/friend bond, the more you can help them succeed and reach their goals. Our weekend trip was a great step in the right direction for the team!


Going into the weekend I was so excited for the girls to be together! I know they had been looking forward to seeing each other. I was also excited to go on a training trip and SOMEHOW be an inspiration to them. My goals for the weekend were to:

  • Help squash any form of “intimidation” of warming up on the range with skipping, mini-bands, and lungingJ
  • Gain their trust
  • Share with them more about my life hoping it can help them through their own trials and game
  • Help them get over the ball and tell themselves they’re going to CRUSH it.
  • Setting examples for things they go through
  • Share things I wish I knew (both golf and life related)
  • Bring all the things we’ve learned together about traveling snacks, golf snacks, workouts, warming up, and cooking on the go. I wanted to help them with a real life example and experience it. I wanted them to realize that these things don’t have to be overwhelming and that they can be quite easily implemented 🙂




Don’t get me wrong, I was SUPER excited to go on this trip! But, I was also really nervous with a slight form of uncertainty:

  • I wanted the girls to know the real coach outside of the gym walls but didn’t know how.
  • I wasn’t sure how to balance the “cool coach” with the role model, the friend, and a little parent voice if needed.


I wasn’t sure how to do all this and embarrassingly nervous “if they’d like me” because I’ve never had someone do this for me. I’ve never had that balance of a coach/role model/ friend growing up to use their “how-to” template. All I knew going into this, was that it was what I needed to do. I felt it this was my duty and responsibility under the umbrella of both “coach/role model/friend” to be available emotionally to these girls and all the other young women I train near and far. They deserve it, because I wish I had a role model like this as a young athlete. I’m just old enough to be their coach and role model, but I am also young and I understand what they’re going through. I don’t judge, and I enjoy being the mental neutrality.


Ha! In my quest to be prepared, I even asked my fiancé how to blend these different descriptions together. I look up to him for many reasons, and one of them is that all his athletes adore him. They look up to him, call him friend, but also respect and work hard. They joke with him, considered family, but Mike knows when to lay down the hammer if needed. He does this effortlessly and I wanted to know the details. As if there was some secret to being a cool role model.


When I asked him he looked at me and grinned. His parting words with me before this trip was “Kaitlyn, you just figure it out through experience and throwing yourself in the fire.”


So I did. 🙂


The trip was a success, the gals had fun, we accomplished what we were there to do. Most importantly, and they had some practice at owning in on their warm-ups skills, packing their bags with proper golf fuel, and I got to see what kind of mental golfer they are. They also got to know the REAL Kaitlyn.




To make sure I don’t lose you (it’s worth waiting for:p ), I’m making this a two-part story. Come back next week when I reveal just what the “real Kaitlyn” looks like, what she’s not, and how showing your athletes the real you can help them in their own lives.



Kaitlyn 🙂

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