Awkward Head Tilts, Blanket Golf, & Pizza Upon Pizza:)

So, if you’ve made it this far reading “In Kaitlyn’s Corner,” (thank you!) you know that a few weekends ago, two athletes (Mia and Jessica) and myself went on a gals training trip to Orlando!

But what you DON’T know, is all the cool stuff we did! NOTE: We did A LOT, so this is a long one 🙂  Without further a do, let’s step into our weekend getaway!

Thursday Evening: I hate packing :p

So let’s just say…when I pack, I REALLY pack! The entire week prior to leaving, I had been texting Jessica, who lives in Florida, about golf outfits, dinner outfits, everything shoes, and what jackets to bring! I thought it would be shorts, skirts, and bikinis…it was actually this… LOL!
img_2927Any who…My fiancé, Mike, had a look of disbelief and a grin when he saw just how many garments I was attempting to stuff into my duffle. Guys just don’t understand:)

Fri-yay! Hellooooo Orlando

Woohoo! Bags were overly packed and thousands of snacks were scattered throughout my carry-on and luggage. I said goodbye to Mike and our boxers, Bear and Brady, and off I went to Mia’s house!

unnamed-3From there, we took a car to the airport and the fun began!

The flight was non-eventful. Mia and I ate our snacks, drank our coffee/water, and climbed over the slightly annoyed passenger in our row every time we had to use the restroom.  Thank goodness for all the mobility and single-leg work we do. That balance totally comes in handy!

We made it!

First things first…quick stop to Whole Foods! We were HUNGRY, and we completely ate all our snacks (well I did) and needed to fuel up for our weekend rounds! **Fun fact: apparently Whole Foods chains in Florida do NOT have the burritio bowl option or breakfast. Shame. :-/

Making rock star decisions over the ball could not be done without fueling our brains properly, so, we packed our golf bags with rocket fuel.  We loaded up on jerkies of all kinds (slowly they’re buying into the taste), organic pre-made protein shakes, kind bars, and nuts. Mission accomplished!


Since Mia and I train 3x a week in Boston, we needed to complete our third lift. After a long plane ride, there’s no better way to wake up the body and get the endorphins flowing than picking up some weights. While Jessica was still at school/golf practice, Mia and I hit the gym!

Although we were distracted by beautiful brick and Italian inspired architecture and impeccable mountain views, we managed to find the gym. 🙂  Much to our surprise, it was an OPEN WORKOUT ROOM! We had 30 minutes to complete a quick workout. Here’s what we did:

Warm up:

  • Breathe, Foam Roll, Stretch, Activate, T-Spine Mobility work

Circuit 1:img_2824

  • Cleans 3×5
  • Front Plank 3x:20
  • Floor Slides 3×8

Circuit 2:

  • TRX Rows 3×12
  • Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats 3x8ea
  • Bear Crawls

Racing daylight, we grabbed a protein shake and then booked it to the range! From the time we got our shakes and changed for golf, 30 minutes had passed, so, we tackled a simple 5 minute dynamic warm up to get everything fired back up.

Our pre- golf warmup included:

  • Mini-Band circuit (you can find an elaborated version of this on my youtube below)
  • Walking Dynamic Warmup
  • Lunge Circuit w/ rotation (you can find this on my youtube)

After practice, we played a little putting game which Mia totally dominated. Let’s just say she won full reign to pick my nail color that weekend. 🙂


Pre-Round Breakfast:)

The gals and I woke up early, we ate an awesome breakfast brought to you by our dear friend Lizzy. 🙂 Bacon, eggs, toast, omelets, rice, steak, veggies…oh yeah, we did it right!


With all our snacks packed, we headed out to play 18 holes! But first, our pre-round golf warm up!

It is one thing to watch these gals crush it and work hard in the gym, but it is another to witness their hard work in ACTION! They teed it up, put their game face on, picked out targets, and swung for the fence. I wish you could’ve seen the way the ball just cut through the air. Incredible!

Due to an injury I have been battling with, I chipped and putted every hole. Watching versus playing was a blessing in disguise because I wanted to really focus on the state of their mental game. I witnessed their pre-shot routines, their mannerisms when the shot didn’t go as planned, and their reactions to successes and failures. I was also impressed with their level of sportsmanship toward one another. It was a constant, “great shot,” “well done,” “there ya go.” I loved that!

Post golf, we all got dolled up, took a trip to the nail salon, then WENT TO DISNEY! 🙂 Well, ok, not quite Disney. We went to Disney Springs where making a decision for dinner is nearly impossible especially with 3 hungry females! 🙂

Oh yeah, it wasn’t all nail polish, makeup, and lip gloss that evening. After dinner, we dodged rain drops and put our sprinting mechanics to the test.

Sunday: Blanket golf and pizza:)img_2845

With our last day in paradise, we took advantage of the cold rainy morning and hit the nearest Whole Foods for some grocery shopping. Jessica needed to fill her fridge with awesome stuff for the week, and the gals came up with the idea to make our own pizzas and calzones for dinner! Thank you Mike (fiancé) for your awesome recipe!

Our shopping cart soon overflowed with protein shakes, more jerky, water, breakfast items, fresh greens, some frozen leafy greens, salmon, chicken, and all the gluten-free ingredients to make one super, awesome dinner!

Once we got home, the weather had cleared and off we went to go show another 18 holes who was boss. First, we warmed up using our handy 5-minute warm up (as seen above)! This time, I just watched the girls play, forecaddied, and held the pin.
P.S. In between holes, I was wrapped in my super warm “Felix Fortis Golf” blanket the girls made me! SO CUTE 🙂

Calzone time!

post-2-1This was THE most hysterical night of all! First, we totally forgot to get a rolling pin, so spreading out the dough was quite creative. THEN, I accidentally poked a hole in my calzone and used a huge piece of pepperoni to seal it. Lizzy totally made hers like a taco. 🙂 OMG, my stomach is still killing me from laughing so hard.

After dinner, somehow the conversation turned into what books we’ve absolutely loved. I then began to talk about Joe Navarro’s, “What Every Body Is Saying.” This could totally turn into a hysterical blog in itself, so, I’ll keep this short. Joe talks about how to effectively use our body language to give off the appropriate vibe we desire and how to analyze someone else’s. Super cool and helpful, right?! I demonstrated to the girls what it could look like when someone was super uncomfortable with what’s being discussed, how to show someone you are totally engaged to a conversation, how to give off a rockstar and confident vibe, how NOT to do so, and how to read if someone trusts your presence/what you’re saying. Oh yes, and how could I forget, I also showed them how a slight head tilt when talking with someone gives off a great indication you are mentally and emotionally engaged in what a person is saying. I also demonstrated how CREEPY as heck it could be if you walked into an elevator and did that to a stranger! HAHA! Let’s just say the book review ended with Jessica crying on the floor from laughter, Mia almost falling off her stool, and Lizzy almost peeing her pants. HA! Mission accomplished!

***Note: Laughter is the solution to everything, and it’s so cool
to see people let the “real them” loose:)

Closing Thoughts:)

So in conclusion, we totally had fun. On a more serious note… Personally, I know I learn best by being thrown in the fire and learning through real life experiences. This trip provided the ladies with REAL LIFE experiences when it came to taking ownership of their golf nutrition, travel workouts, and getting over their fear of warming up outside the gym walls. Those lessons are SO hard to learn in a classroom or in the comfort of your own gym. It’s different when you’re in a new place, with new people, and a new atmosphere. So, MAJOR props to the ladies. You accomplished so many goals! YOU are an inspiration to myself, the old Kaitlyn, and many other female athletes out there who are struggling with the same things. The best part is that you are 1,000% okay with being yourselves and letting the REAL you shine. Love that!

You are true rock stars, and keep working hard!

…And if you DO try the head tilt, I expect a face time call immediately after! HAHA!



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