Brain Strength = Lower Scores?

Let’s Bring It In

YES. Have you ever thought about your lowest score or when you won your VERY FIRST tournament? What happened during that round that made you play like a rockstar? What were you thinking about? What caused you to “get in the zone,” and I’m not talking about AutoZone:)

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The answer to your burning questions is this: your mental game. Thinking back to that glorious round. The reason why you played like a total rockstar, is because you THOUGHT like a total rockstar. Your brain flipped the switch from high traffic thoughts, to  “get out my way” mode and you were determined to make great things happen.

But the question still lies, HOW? How did our brain flip such a switch?

Well I’ll tell you:)




What You Did Great!

You KNOW how to play the game of golf. You HAVE executed every shot at least once in your golf career needed to put together one killer round (AKA you owned the skills already). But, here is what you did differently:

  1. You let yourself BREATHE over the ball
  2. SEE the shot
  3. And then you said “grip it and rip it!”

What you vowed to NOT do is let your brain start to reminisce all the times you hit it right, came over the top, or yanked that silly little 3 footer left to lose the hole.

So What’s Our Plan?!

So, what if you haven’t experienced what I’m talking about? What if you’re a GREAT “range player” but can’t seem to connect things from practice sessions to the first tee? Not to worry! Let’s help you build your “brain strength” aka mental game, so you can attack each round with the mindset to break course records:)

How do we do that?

Deep belly breathe.


I train golfers JUST. LIKE. YOU. They range from high school players to defending senior club champions. Everyone can let their head get in their own way. Trust me, it happened to me ALL the time! The collegiate player Kaitlyn, would’ve told you to rely on her pre-shot routine to calm her nerves. The wiser strength coach Kaitlyn, will tell you that yes, pre-shot routines can certainly calm a player down…but let’s put some ground breaking science in your corner to efficiently help fight this uphill battle.


The “Why” Behind Breathing

Deep belly breathing is PROVEN to not only turn on our inner most abdominal muscles granting us the ability to dissociate and rotate, but also it relaxes and CLEARS our mind of any negative thought that tries to wiggle its way in. Because of deep belly breathings breathe-surf-boardpowerful impact to turn on our core and get our mind right, I have my golfers breathe AS SOON as they walk in to workout, after they lift, and before they play golf. The act of deep belly breathing is  like hitting the reset button on their nervous system.


Think about it for a second: you walk in late to workout or play. You’re thinking about a zillion things you need to get done after this. You didn’t sleep well last night so you’re not sure if it’s worth playing in this tournament or lacing up your workout shoes. Your coach is now waiting on you, and you’re late for your tee time….my guess? Your heart rate is beating about a mile a minute and maybe. IT HAPPENS!  We’re human:)


So instead of getting ourselves worked up, try what my athletes (including myself) have benefited from…just breathe.


How To Get Your Breathe On

If a situation is less than optimal, and you need to think straight and prepare to attack the next task REGARDLESS of:

  • what state you’re in
  • how you THINK you’ll do
  • or whatever negative thing that’s talking you out of walking up to that workout or round like “I’m here, and about to kick tail and take names”


….just trust me on this and do the following:

  1. Lie on your back, close your eyes, glue your spine to the floor.
  2. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  3. Let your exhale be LONGER than your inhale.
  4. 10-15 times.
  5. Super simple.

Click here for a How-To!


Let’s Do This!!

I am so confident this will help you, it’s not even funny. Because, here’s a secret…I was the number 1 headcase on my collegiate golf team and THIS (and a few other mental health strengthening methods which we will get into later) is what helped me have complete control over my brain. I control my thoughts. I call the shots.
SO, if you want to start to discover the REAL kind of player you can be, my suggestion? Get over the ball and take a deep breath:)